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OVI And Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyers

While many states refer to drunk driving as driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), the official charge under Ohio law is operating a vehicle while under the influence, or commonly referred to as OVI. No matter what it is called, however, the penalties can be serious. If you have been charged in Crawford County or elsewhere in north central Ohio, make sure your defense attorney knows how high the stakes really are.

At Hottenroth, Garverick, Tilson & Garverick, Co., L.P.A., in Galion, our lawyers have been protecting the rights and futures of drivers charged with OVI for many decades. Our lawyers have more than 100 combined years of experience in OVI defense cases and are backed by a staff of legal professionals who are committed to exceptional client service.

“We are proud of the reputation for integrity that we have earned among police, prosecutors and judges. We work hard for a dismissal or reduction of charges. When we propose an outcome that protects our client’s rights, freedom and future, we are taken seriously.”

Charged With OVI? Call Us Now At 419-468-5044 For A Free Consultation.

If you have been charged and arrested — or perhaps refused to submit to the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test, don’t talk to the police until you have an experienced lawyer advising you of your rights. Call us anytime to request an opportunity to meet about your charges. We offer a free consultation.

Our OVI/DUI Criminal Defense Experience Includes:

  • Effective OVI defense
  • Minor-age OVI
  • Child endangerment, OVI with minor in the vehicle
  • Open bottle offenses
  • Driver’s license suspensions and reinstatements
  • Vehicular accident assault and homicide charges
  • Speeding, reckless driving and other related offenses

Drunk Driving And Traffic Offenses

Many traffic stops don’t necessarily result in an OVI charge, but often end in a traffic ticket for a serious driving violation. If you think fighting a serious traffic violation isn’t worth it, think again. Even one ticket for excessive speeding or reckless driving can cost you your driver’s license. Under Ohio’s traffic violation point system, a single traffic citation can mean you face higher car insurance premiums. Get a second or third one within a few months and you can lose your license up to a year and face additional fees as a repeat offender.

Call Now For A Free Consultation

Is it always worth fighting your ticket? Maybe not. But it is always worth talking to one of our lawyers in a free consultation. Call us at 419-468-5044 to schedule one, or send an email to request a return call to set up a time to meet with a lawyer.