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Do you know how to handle incidents of road rage?

You are driving along on your morning commute and realize that your exit is coming up. You quickly switch from the middle lane to the outermost exit lane, forgetting to hit your signal first. The blare of a horn startles you, and you realize that you may have accidentally cut in front of another exiting motorist.

There was no accident — it wasn't even close. Yet the driver is now flipping you off and riding your bumper. You glimpse pure rage on the face of the man behind the wheel and start to worry about escalating road rage. What can you do?

Spendthrift trusts can solve estate planning problems

You've accumulated significant assets and resources during your time here on Earth. Once you pass on, you want the assurance that your heirs will be well cared for after you're gone.

The problem is that not all heirs are well-served by unfettered access to large sums of money. In fact, the history books and gossip rags are full of cautionary tales of those who were undone by inherited money — Fred Trump (the president's late older brother); RFK's son David Kennedy; Anna Nicole Smith.

Take me out to the ballgame (but bring the netting)

If it's October, you know that Major League Baseball (M.L.B.) fans are preparing to attend the World Series games. Football fans may have their Super Bowl, but the final weeks of October are hallowed time for devoted fans of America's pastime.

Regardless of which teams wind up in the World Series games this year, seeing them live in the stadium is a real treat, especially if you have premium seats. But just how safe are those seats?

Is it time to revisit your estate plan?

Planning what happens to your possessions after you die may not sound like an exciting way to spend a day, but the alternative is leaving a mess for your family to muddle through.

You may have created a plan years ago. However, did you know that there are times when you should revisit the plan and revise it? Take a look at some of the life events that necessitate the creation or revision of your estate plan.

Whom should you call first after a car accident?

No one gets behind the wheel expecting to be in a car accident, but it is, unfortunately, likely to happen at some point. When it does, the stressful nature of the situation makes it hard to remember what to do. That is why you need to prepare now on how to react.

A crash warrants making multiple phone calls to relevant parties. Whom should be at the top of the list? The answer depends on the severity of the accident.

Are your children the victims of malicious mother syndrome?

Divorce may bring out the worst in people, even those who were once so in love. Once the dust settles and the final papers filed, life may start to return to a new normal.

You may notice a change in your children and the way they interact with you. While some change in behavior is natural, others seem severe and worrisome. Your child may fall victim to parental alienation or malicious mother syndrome. How can you spot the signs?

How will OVI affect you as a professional driver?

Let us say that you are a professional truck driver and have had a commercial driver’s license for more than a decade. You are looking forward to a raise in pay, but you were recently pulled over and arrested on suspicion of operating a vehicle impaired. How will a drunk driving conviction affect your job and your CDL?

A first offense

Swatting: the prank that's serious

Like many Ohio teens and young adults, your children love to play online games, spend time on social media and hang out with their friends. You don't find this particularly worrisome, since you taught your kids to make smart decisions regarding their activities with their peers. However, as you know, teenagers may take part in unwise behavior if it means fitting in, or they might not realize the potential ramifications of some activities.

Swatting is one such activity that may appear to be harmless, but has serious criminal penalties. You may remember an incident last December, in which a man from Wichita, Kansas, was killed after a California man called in a swatting prank. The event had long-lasting consequences, which are continuing today.

Can you modify an Ohio divorce order?

Your divorce is final, and you breathe a sigh of relief because you can now move forward with your life. However, life likes to throw curve balls. Unexpected changes are difficult enough but even more so after a divorce due to added complexity. You find that now your agreement no longer works for your situation. What can you do?

Fortunately, Ohio allows for post-divorce modification under certain circumstances. If you can show a substantial change that affects one of these areas, you may be able to petition the court to modify your divorce order to meet your new needs.

Is a will still valid even if heirs have changed names?

You may have written a will or gone through exhaustive estate planning, covering all your bases. You have backup beneficiaries designated, and quite a few backup plans in case Plan A falls through.

However, one thing you may wonder about is whether your will is still valid when your heirs and beneficiaries have different names than those listed in your documents. For example, perhaps two of your female heirs got married, and your will lists their maiden names only. Moreover, maybe one of your heirs came out as transgender after you drew up the will and has undergone a legal sex and name change. Or maybe you realize you misspelled a name. Is your will still valid?


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