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Is it bad to file a lawsuit against someone?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2013 | Uncategorized

Fortunately, the American governmental system has a very active judicial branch which exists to end disputes. We don’t have a “lynch mob” society. If persons have disagreements, the courts exist for purposes of resolving them.
It is not a bad thing to use the court system to resolve legitimate disputes, and to answer appropriate legal questions. There are many situations where parties on the opposite sides of a matter genuinely believe that their positions are correct, but are unable to reach a settled agreement with each other. That is what courts are for, and the appropriate way to ask a court to resolve such a situation is to file a lawsuit in the court.
It is not appropriate to file a lawsuit which is frivolous. I believe that there has been far too much publicity about frivolous lawsuits, because the fact is that there are very few frivolous lawsuits, in my view. Those which are filed appear to get lopsided coverage in the media, so I think the public may tend to believe that they are more prevalent than they really are.
Examples of the kinds of disputes that courts entertain include, but are certainly not limited to these: custody of children, amounts of money due on loans, rights to recover property that has been sold to a party who doesn’t pay, duties under contracts, terminations of marriages, disagreements between businesses on various matters, injuries to people, injuries to property, dissolution of corporate entities, etc.
In any event, generally it is true that the courts are the appropriate place to take legitimate disputes for resolution, and our office is available to talk to potential clients about resolving disputes.