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Do I need a will?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2014 | Uncategorized

This is a question many people ask. Many times an individual can pass his property to his heirs in a manner that does not require a will, for example by naming a “payable on death” beneficiary, by giving the property away during life or setting up a trust during life. However, inevitably an asset is overlooked or forgotten and a will can insure that your intentions are followed.
A will is also important if you have minor children. It really is the only way you can communicate your wishes about who you would like caring for your children should both parents die during their minority. A will allows you to name who the Guardian will be.
Finally, if there is a non family member who you would like to remember, you can do so in your will. The Statute of Descent and Distribution, which is the Ohio law that governs how a person’s property passes when he dies without a will, does not include non-family members or friends.
Generally a will is a helpful item for those who survive.