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Whom should you call first after a car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Uncategorized

No one gets behind the wheel expecting to be in a car accident, but it is, unfortunately, likely to happen at some point. When it does, the stressful nature of the situation makes it hard to remember what to do. That is why you need to prepare now on how to react.

A crash warrants making multiple phone calls to relevant parties. Whom should be at the top of the list? The answer depends on the severity of the accident.

First responders

If anyone has gotten hurt in the collision, your first order of business is requesting medical help. Call an ambulance for emergency situations. If the injury does not need immediate attention, you can wait until after taking care of the accident to take yourself or a passenger to the ER, urgent care or your primary provider. Whether anyone sustains an injury, call the police. The officer will write up a report that will come in handy when you speak with your insurer.

Towing and transportation

If your car is no longer usable, then you will need to call a tow truck to pick up your car and someone else to pick you up. Options include a taxi, rideshare service, family member or friend. Know beforehand if your insurance policy covers towing and transportation costs and if there are certain companies you should call for service.

Your insurance provider

Next on the list is your insurer to establish the time of the accident and share what steps you have already taken (such as calling a tow truck) or will take (such as renting a car). Only give a brief summary of the facts of the accident. Do not go into detail, admit fault or make an official statement until after you have spoken to an attorney. The insurer can take anything you say and use it to get out of compensating you.