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3 steps that may make the divorce process easier

Going through a divorce can create a rollercoaster of emotions. Separating from your spouse might be the best solution for both of you, but that doesn’t mean that breaking ties is going to be easy. Plus, you may experience a variety of highs and lows while separating your lives, finances and splitting custody.

Fortunately, there is plenty of prep work you can do to make this rough patch of life become a little more manageable. Categorizing your assets, creating a parenting plan and delegating help early on might all be useful measures.


Prepare finances

Ohio couples share many assets, as most property accumulated through the course of their marriage is known as marital or joint assets. This includes real estate you’ve purchased together, debts you’ve racked up, your income streams and retirement benefits. It’s important to note that all marital assets are subject to division. However, there are some assets you might have that the court can’t split up. This includes property you acquired prior to your marriage or inheritances or gifts given to you, and only you, during your marriage. So, to prepare for a judge’s approval of your division of property, you can begin by drafting a complete list of all the assets you collectively and separately own. Identify the source of money that covered expenses of each asset as well. That way, you will be able to see if it falls under marital or separate property.

Consider your child’s best interests

Parents seeking a divorce may face uneasiness about what shared custody will look like. But developing a thorough parenting plan with the help of an attorney can give you a glimpse of what’s to come. The plan should include a long-term guide of how many days of the year each parent will take care of the children and a rotation you will follow for splitting up annual holidays. You should also come up with a weekly custody schedule that works for both children and co-parents. Try to find middle ground on times and places for custody exchanges. And create a comprehensive list regarding your child’s school information, religious affiliation and medical records.

Seek legal help

Deciding who should be the custodial parent or classifying marital and separate property aren’t easy tasks. But it’s possible that giving these tough choices your attention right as you begin the divorce process can make the days leading up to your settlement stress-free. Thankfully, you don’t have to complete this prep work on your own. Instead, you can discuss your case and receive guidance from an experienced family law attorney.