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Are you familiar with the DUI laws in Ohio?

Even if you believe that you are a responsible driver when it comes to drinking and operating a vehicle, it is still important that you understand the DUI laws in your state. While DUI (driving under the influence) is the most commonly used term for laws relating to drunk or drugged driving in the U.S., the state of Ohio uses the abbreviation OVI (operating under the influence), and OVAUC, (operating a vehicle after underage consumption).

It’s always best to abstain completely from drinking if you plan to drive later in the day or in the next morning. However, being aware of exactly how the laws work will help you to make informed decisions, and they may be able to help you successfully defend yourself in the event that you get into trouble with the law. The following is an overview of what you may expect when it comes to OVI penalties in Ohio.

First-time OVI penalties in Ohio

If you are facing an OVI charge for the first time, you will receive less serious penalties than a repeat offender. However, you should never underestimate the seriousness of a first-time OVI charge, because you will face mandatory minimum penalties. These could include fines, license suspension and potentially jail time. These can all have huge impacts on your life, and even the less-serious penalties can affect your ability to get to and from work.

Multiple offense OVI penalties

If you are charged with an OVI for the second or third time, the length of your license suspension will vary based on the facts of the case, but the length of the sentence will likely grow and in some cases grow substantially from that of a first offense.

If you or someone you love is facing OVI charges in Ohio, it is important that you take swift action so that you can start to build a compelling defense.